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Looking for partners in USA

help us sell our services and earn up to 50% of project cost
We are dedicated team of professional website developers from Odessa.
Grey Cat IT.
Since 2018 we've determined expanding to the US web development market as our top priority. We need you to be our representative so that we can cut advertising expenses and offer top quality web development services at the lowest cost possible.
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Our job

Full website development starting from technical specification to fully working web application. Promo and learning materials for our partners. 24/7 support via Skype or Viber.

After first successful project we'll publish your contact info on our website, so that clients could contact you easier.

Your job

Your only job is to find us clients

About partnership

What you get?

For who?

Couple of examples

1. Your friend is working in a small company which needs a corporate website. The budget is $5000. We can complete this project in 10 to 14 days. You've just gave us you friend's phone number and recommended us as great web development company. We did all the rest, including meeting with client, discussing project terms and conditions, payment, guarantee. You get $1000 as a reward as soon as we finish this project on this terms.

2. You've found a potential client, who is about to create his own startup. He needs a unique web application to analyze customers statistics of all major web stores in US. The project is quite big. The budget is $110 000. We can build something like that in 3 to 6 months. You've prepared tech specification and commercial proposal, you've successfully negotiated every project feature and fully supported client along the project development period. You've offered your personal guarantees for the client. This way you've been fully involved in project and you were very useful to both us and our client. After completing this kind of project you'll receive 50% which is $55 000

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How we work

1. Apply for partnership
First you apply for partnership and we will send you learning and promo info after we approve our application. After you've read the info we will contact you personally to discuss all important aspects of future partnership.
2. Find client
Now it's time for you to go find us a client. You should contact a client, get info about the project and prepare our offer. The offer includes technical specification and project cost. We sign a contract with client and he pays us 30% of project cost in advance.
3. We study the project
Now we start working on our project. The first thing we do when client comes to us with the idea of a project or a tech. specification is we study the client's idea as deeply as we can.
4. Working on design
Our web designer starts working on project design. The client is highly involved in design development as well as any other step of web app development.
5. Project development
As a rule we build front-end and back-end simultaneously to speed up the project development. Sometimes if project has huge functionality we start project development way before design and front-end development. All such issues are explained to client before project start, of course.
6. Stay in touch
We'll always be in touch and inform you on every aspect of how we're doing, so you'll always have full info about the project.
7. Tests and minor fixes
Every software has bugs but on this step we do our best to minimize them. Carefully we study every page, every block, every class and method of our app on wide variety of devices to deliver outstanding end user experience.
8. Publish the app
After the project is done we publish it on the production domain and the project is done. This of course can happen only if our client loves his website as much as we do!
9. Payment
As soon as we get the rest 70% of project cost you get your payment as we discussed. Project finished successfully! Let's get another one!
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Our team

We are a small superfriendly team of professionals in web development!

Evgeniy Danich

Jenya Danich

Senior Front-end developer

Alina Bestilnaya

Alina Bestilnaya

Art-director web designer

Andrey Azarko

Andrey Azarko

Senior full-stack web developer

These are people you can contact with on every aspect of your project. There is also junior designer and a middle full-stack web developer who, we hope, will grow superfast and some day will be on the team page of our website. Also, we have experience of cooperating with other teams if project specification requires it. So building large scalable projects is not a problem.

Some examples of our work


Website and blog for Pinngle mobile app very similar to Viber. The app has more than 1 000 000 users. Key features of the project are: unique design, clean high-quality code, multilingual blog, payment gateways

Wallet Monitor

Unique web application for dropshippers around the world. This app has enormous unique functionality. Automated analysis of top reselling platforms: Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart, Aliexpress and Shopify. Feature rich product listing. Right now the app saves millions of hours by automating dropshippers work. The app is built using supermodern MVC framework by Google: Angular 2


Another feature rich web application for telecommunication companies around the world. It provides services of automated VOIP destinations testing which helps replace the entire testing departments of those companies with just one manager, skilled in using Anytest application.

alpha omega it

This project features website and back-end admin panel for managing projects and candidates for outsourcing company based in USA. Chief executive of this company represents us in United States and is a good friend of ours. This website is built on the modern and powerful framework YII2.


One of the largest cloth shops in Ukraine. Ektani is our client for more that two years now. This website is deeply integrated with CRM, delivery service API, payment gateway API and has enormous functionality. More than 20 000 users per month tripling in size every year we worked on this project

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in order to become our partner you need to contact us via skype: Xeosha or viber :+380679802577 or you can fill in this form

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tel/viber: +38 067 980 25 77