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The E-commerce shop Etkani is our client for more than two years now. Within this two years we tripled visitors quantity. Added lots of useful features not only for visitors but for managers. For example delivery manager can create product transportation invoice for any order within seconds. Before we added this functionality it took him about two hours to send all the ordered products to the delivery company, now he can do this in less then five minutes.

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About the project

Etkani - E-commerce website with about 12 000 products. YII - framework. Full CRM integration. Wholesale and retail prices. Payment gateway integration. Delivery service API integration. SMS and Email user and manager notifications. Automatic discount calculation.


The ajax-filter allows users to filter products by huge amount of parameters. In short product view we added badges generated automatically.

Products grouping

The products are grouped by design and color. We show all additional product info for every product variation.

Full product page

Three product price types. Additional product images, product variations and full product characteristics. The product description is generated automatically. We also show similar products carousel using really crazy complicated algorithm.